Cataract surgery can only be carried out by an appropriately qualified doctor. The following looks at exactly what kind of health professional this is and how they get to the stage that allows them to perform such an intricate and essential procedure. 

The Road to Cataract Surgical Expertise 

  • Understanding a doctor’s qualifications
  • From doctor to surgeon
  • Defining what kind of doctor does cataract surgery

Understanding a doctor’s qualifications

Becoming a fully qualified doctor in the USA is no mean feat. The first stage is to complete a four-year undergraduate program. Once this is achieved, there are another four years at medical school, after which you’ll work anything between three to seven years as a resident in a medical facility. While the first years on the frontline will incorporate working in all areas of medicine, most people then move towards a specialty of their choice.

During this time, they might also undergo additional training in this area—in the case of a doctor who wants to work in a vision-related field, this would mean extra ophthalmology (the clinical name for eye health) study. This last element of specialization is known as a fellowship. 

This means that, depending on the individual’s ambitions, it can take anything between 10-14 years to become fully qualified at the level they wish to achieve.

From doctor to surgeon

While doctors (physicians) and surgeons all undergo the same basic training, different and possibly extra qualifications are needed to be able to perform surgery. The easiest way to understand the difference between the two is this:

  • A doctor/physician uses medicines to fix human conditions
  • A surgeon uses operations to fix them

Another good message is that all surgeons are doctors but not all doctors are surgeons.

Defining what kind of doctor does cataract surgery

Now we understand the basic difference between a doctor and a surgeon, let’s define who can carry out cataract surgery.

In short, this must be a doctor who’s specialized in ophthalmology and has undergone further training to allow them to perform surgical procedures on the eyes. Cataract surgeons perform very specific techniques that involve many years of study, The route to ophthalmology surgery takes many years, 

Following the undergraduate course and medical school, another two-year foundation program must be studied. During this time, frontline experience is gained through six separate placements. Following this, a further seven years of on-the-job training is needed to become a fully-fledged ophthalmologist.

Cataract surgery will undoubtedly make up an element of these seven years. However, some doctors might choose to move into other areas of surgical eye health. You can rest assured that anyone in the USA today who is registered to carry out cataract surgery will have undergone many years of intensive training to do so.

Even with the very latest laser-assisted cataract surgery, the skill of the surgeon is incredible. The computer program only aids the ability of the individual, it certainly doesn’t take over. Together, a talented cataract surgeon and cutting-edge surgical procedures combine to bring truly life-changing vision enhancement to the people treated. 

What Kind of Doctor Does Cataract Surgery at the West Boca Eye Surgery?

Cataract surgery at the WBEC is carried out by one of the world’s leading surgeons—Dr. Brent Bellotte. This clinical professional has dedicated his professional career to the advancement of the procedure, playing a pivotal role in the operation that we all take for granted today.

Globally respected by his peers, Bellotte leads a team of highly talented eye doctors and surgeons at his custom-built clinic. Cataract surgery is only one element of this leading center—a one-stop-shop for every element of eye health.

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