Ophthalmology Board Certified

Associations: Medicare’s Ophthalmology Expert for Quality of Care Review Board, American Academy of Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery

We’ve all been there: the routine eye exam. You brace yourself while the doctor applies those terrible drops, dilating your pupils so wide that you go stumbling out of the office like a vampire who’s lost track of the time.

Instead, Brent Bellotte MD of West Boca Eye Center invites you to finally come in from the darkness and feast your eyes on his state-of-the-art facility (which rivals the deck of the Starship Enterprise), providing patients with cutting-edge diagnostic and surgical care.

Take artificial lens implants. It sounds like 23rd-century technology, but it’s happening today.

“It is custom laser cataract surgery,” Brent Bellotte MD says. “The clouded lens is removed, and we literally build your custom lens prescription right into your eyes.”

He also treats degenerative diseases like glaucoma with advanced technology, using stents to reduce pressure and lessen the patient’s dependence on glaucoma medication.

As a certified dry-eye center, the facility offers the newest dry-eye therapies available, including dissolvable punctal plugs that allow your natural tears to stay in your eyes longer.

Best of all, West Boca Eye Center has the Optos fundus camera, which provides nearly full retinal imaging without the use of drops – no vampire-inducing dilation required.

Brent Bellotte MD is a dedicated physician and surgeon whose professional opinion is sought throughout the community. He currently serves as an expert ophthalmology consultant for Medicare’s quality of care review board.

He leads the way in innovation because he prides himself on being a bit of a techno-geek, staying up to date with advanced research in surgical techniques, treatments and evolving diagnostic technology.

“I’ve always been skilled at technology,” Brent Bellotte MD says. “It’s something that has always come easily to me. Ophthalmology provides a unique blend between high-tech medical technology and the practice of medicine. It’s a hybrid of these two things.”