The Top 3 Benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery with an Ophthalmologist in West Boca

LASIK is one of the most advanced types of laser vision procedures that can be used to correct three kinds of refraction errors. Thanks to huge leaps in technology, the process can be performed on almost everyone—even those who’ve been previously told that they’re not suitable.

Let’s take a look at the benefits such surgery can bring…

3 Reasons to Have LASIK Eye Surgery

  • LASIK eye surgery: benefit 1
  • LASIK eye surgery: benefit 2
  • LASIK eye surgery: benefit 3

LASIK eye surgery: benefit 1 

The first benefit of LASIK is that the vast majority of procedures achieve permanent vision correction. Because it reshapes the cornea to correct refractive errors, this means that achieving 20:20 (or better) vision is truly achievable.

This equals a life free from corrective lenses (eyeglasses, contact lenses) and all the advantages this brings.

LASIK eye surgery: benefit 2 

LASIK can now be used to correct pretty much any kind of refractive error. Until recently, it was only used to correct shortsightedness. However, today’s advanced procedures mean it can now be used for longsightedness and to treat astigmatism.

LASIK eye surgery: benefit 3

The procedure is fast, painless, affordable, and has a quick recovery period.

The actual cornea reshaping takes only minutes. You’ll be given numbing eye drops and, if necessary, a light sedative. Your eye will be held open with an instrument called a lid speculum. It won’t hurt but might feel a bit strange. The only sensation you’ll feel during the LASIK operation will be a little light pressure.

Thanks to the advances in technology, the cost of LASIK has reduced considerably. Don’t forget that you won’t have to fork out for eyeglasses and contact lenses anymore, so you can offset that against the cost of the operation too.

The recovery period is measured in mere days, with most people noticing improved vision straight after the op. Complete recovery and your new, clear eyesight should be stable within a week. Most surgeons recommend taking a few days off work while the healing process takes place.

So, there you have it! The awesome benefits of LASIK. As mentioned previously, it’s a great option for the vast majority of people. There are some situations where the surgery isn’t suitable. This includes those with unstable prescriptions, overly thin or irregular corneas, those under the age of 18, people with diabetes, or who have another eye-related medical condition (lazy eye, presbyopia, etc.).

However, even if you do fall under one of these categories, you may well be able to have a different type of laser vision correction. As the technology used in such procedures continues to be researched and advanced, so too do the situations in which it can be used.

If you’ve previously been informed that you’re not a suitable candidate for laser vision correction, it’s well worth asking if that is still the case. Even if LASIK isn’t an option, other blended procedures are often available.

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