Routine Eye Care

Eyelid Twitch

What is an eyelid twitch?

An eyelid twitch or tic is a twitching of the eyelid that you cannot control.

What are the symptoms?

One or both of your eyelids may twitch.

How does it occur?

Doctors are not sure why these twitches occur. Possible causes include:

  • stress
  • caffeine
  • lack of sleep
  • not enough lubrication of your eye by your tears

How is it treated?

Eyelid twitches usually go away without treatment after a short period of time.

The twitching may go away if you:

  • reduce stress
  • cut down on the caffeine in your diet
  • get more sleep

If you have severe eyelid twitching that doesn’t go away (blepharospasm), you may need injections of medicine around the eye, such as Botox, to relieve it.

How long do the effects last?

Usually the twitches stop within a few minutes or hours.

However, if you have more serious symptoms, such as the following, see Brent Bellotte MD at West Boca Eye Center right away:

  • One or both of your eyelids close involuntarily, quite often
  • Other muscles in your face twitch as well