Laser Floater Removal

Laser floater removal involves aiming lasers at eye floaters, which causes them to break up and disappear. Dr. Brent Bellotte, an ophthalmologist at the West Boca Eye Center, can exam your eyes and determine if laser floater removal surgery is the right treatment option for you.

Before Eye Laser Floaters Treatment

See frequent showers of small dots and flashes of light.

After Eye Laser Floaters Treatment

No longer see frequent floaters or flashes and vision is back to normal.

What are floaters and flashes?

Floaters appear as small dots or lines in your field of vision. They appear to be in front of the eye but are actually floating inside. Floaters are caused by small clumps of cells inside the fluid that fills the eye. Flashes, on the other hand, appear as flashing lights or light streaks. Flashes are often compared to seeing “stars” like when one bumps their head. Flashes are caused by rubbing or pulling on the retina.

What are the symptoms?

“Showers” of small dots. Sudden or persistent flashes of light.

How is it treated?

Treatment for floaters and flashes depends on underlying condition. Not all floaters and flashes are serious, but some may damage to your retina. Always have an eye examination to prevent this possibility.