Cataract Surgery

TECNIS Symfony® and Symfony Toric IOL

TECNIS Symfony® and Symfony Toric IOL

Delivering excellent uncorrected visual acuity (VA) at a greater range of distances, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL allows your patients to see clearly across a full range of vision.
Rather than splitting light into distinct focal points, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL elongates focus, resulting in an increased depth of field. This empowers you to deliver a full range of continuous vision while maintaining high image contrast.


Deliver the visual quality that allows your patients with and without astigmatism to see clearly in any lighting condition.

  • High-quality distance vision in the presence of astigmatism
  • Pupil-independent performance enables optimal performance in any lighting condition
  • Low overall spectacle wear

The TECNIS Symfony® IOL can potentially deliver 20/20 or better vision through 1.5 D of astigmatism.
85% of patients wear glasses none or a little bit of the time.
By combining a unique diffractive pattern with achromatic technology, the TECNIS Symfony® IOL delivers outstanding visual acuity over a continuous range of distances while maintaining high contrast performance.