We all know how essential it is to maintain a healthy diet if we want to be on top of our game. But did you know that certain foods contain nutrients which can strengthen our senses? With regards to eye health, there are many nutrients which can be implemented fairly easily to restore some of the deficiencies you may be encountering. As more and more studies are conducted each year, the list of ingredients beneficial for eye health expands, helping us all pass our eye exams while preventing issues in the future.  

Early Prevention

Through routine visits to your eye doctor, you can diagnose certain ailments before they impose upon your sight. While some diseases and conditions are primarily affected by your genetics, involving certain foods into your system can help prevent the onset of some conditions. It’s better to be in a state of consistent prevention rather than having to deal with diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Once the damage is done, an eye exam will only be able to identify the issues rather than solve them. 


This fatty acid category has been trending in recent years as an incredible supplement for those with joint pains. However, it has been found that the long-chain acids DHA and EPA are beneficial for eye health as well. Typically sourced from fish or algae, these supplements can help individuals reduce dry-eye symptoms by increasing the formation of tear fluid. This is great news because dry-eye disease presents many potential issues down the line. 

Vitamin E

Going hand in hand with omega-3’s, we have vitamin E, which works to protect fatty acids from oxidation. As your eyes are heavily composed of fatty acids, vitamin E can help prolong their health, effectively reducing the chances of age-related cataracts by a small percentage. While this claim is still under study, it’s no question that the foods containing vitamin E (almonds, flaxseed oil, sunflower seeds) are great additions to your diet regardless of eye health. 

Vitamin A

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, we have vitamin A, which is regarded as the most important nutrient for eye health. This is one supplement that no eye doctor would disagree contains benefits for eyesight. With the ability to strengthen your photoreceptors, vitamin A can reduce the onset of dry eyes, night blindness, and other conditions as well. Found in kale, carrots, and spinach, vitamin A is a relatively easy nutrient to include in your diet. 

The Conclusion

There are many nutrients that can elevate the protection of your eyesight, and most of them are around us quite often. Whether you go straight to the plant or animal source, or you digest supplements daily, implementing such nutrients into your diet will inevitably reduce your eye doctor visits. When visiting your eye doctor in Boca Raton, don’t hesitate to ask their opinion about creating a supplement regimen. Through detailed eye exams, your doctor can surely help determine if there are any looming conditions that require attention. The professional eye doctors at Boca Raton Eye Center can help fill in any gaps of knowledge you may be seeking.