Ophthalmologist Services in West Palm Beach

Looking for an ophthalmologist in West Palm Beach? The West Boca Eye Center is an industry-leading provider of all aspects of eye care, from routine eye examinations to complex surgical procedures. Headed by lead consultant, Brent Bellotte MD., therapies include groundbreaking procedures such as advanced cataract surgery, the latest in laser vision correction, glaucoma dropless therapy, and laser floater removal.

Cataract Surgery in West Palm Beach

21st-century cataract procedures are varied, safe, and effective. The extended options available to the skilled clinicians at the West Boca Eye Center allows for a truly personalized solution for those needing cataract surgery in West Palm Beach. 

Entrusting Brent Bellotte MD and his team with your eye care allows any cataract formation to be closely monitored and, when necessary, the most beneficial laser surgery to be carried out. The advantages of working with a pioneering eye doctor, such as Brent Bellotte MD., means that he has a wide range of procedures at his fingertips. This allows him to work in conjunction with you to determine the ultimate solution for your needs. Options include a range of intraocular lenses, such asFDA-approved Crystalens, AcrySof ReSTOR lens, and toric implants, as well as multiple other laser surgery options, such as YAG Laser Capsulotomy and TECNIS Symfony.

Laser Vision Correction West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach residents requiring laser vision correction are perfectly served by the expertise of the West Boca Eye Center. Huge leaps in technology mean that the latest techniques successfully address blurred vision in a way that simply wasn’t possible in the past. Treatments such as LASIK and PRK can be utilized, not only for nearsightedness but astigmatism and longsightedness as well.

At West Boca Eye Center everyone’s treatment is individual, with the appropriate procedure only being determined after the necessary clinical examinations and tests. Full consideration is also given to your lifestyle and desired outcome. Results regularly far-supersede patients’ expectations, and a life without any form of contact lenses or glasses is a very real possibility.

Glaucoma Dropless Therapy in West Palm Beach

For those with, or at risk of, glaucoma, availing yourself of the best level of eye care is not only essential from a medical point of view but also brings with it intense peace of mind. Access to glaucoma dropless therapy in West Palm Beach is unconditionally served by the expertise of Brent Bellotte MD. and his skilled team.

The condition is usually first treated with oral medication and eye drops, but it’s not unusual for these not to have the desired effect. Enter the advanced solutions of glaucoma dropless therapy. Available procedures include Filtering Surgery, Laser Iridotomy, Shunt Procedure, and Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT).

Laser Floater Removal West Palm Beach

Floaters—the common name for a condition where dots or lines appear in your line of vision—can generally be treated by laser floater removal. This advanced technique is available at the West Boca Eye Center, and, following a detailed eye exam, West Palm Beach residents can be safe in the knowledge that the ultimate plan will be determined to rectify the condition.

While most floaters are easily treated, there are rare occasions where there’s a risk to the retina or other structures of the eye. Under the expertise of Brent Bellotte MD., patients at the clinic can rest assured that their precious vision is in the safest of hands.

Vision is the most precious of all the human senses, making it essential to take a sensible approach to eye health. The clinicians at the West Boca Eye Center passionately believe in being proactive, and the ultimate manner by which to do this is to regularly schedule eye exams. Monitoring your eyesight at all stages of life is the ultimate method by which to enjoy your best eyesight, no matter your age. 

There’s no time like the present to take full advantage of the leading ophthalmologist in West Palm Beach, so contact the expert team to book your eye exam now.

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