While common, the effects of advancing cataracts can have a devastating effect on vision. Happily, the surgical solutions available today are many, providing the best ophthalmologists with options that can be tailored to the unique characteristics of your condition. For those in South Florida, there’s no better choice of cataract surgeon than globally renowned expert, Brent Bellotte MD. of the West Boca Eye Center.

Cataract Surgery at the West Boca Eye Center

  •     Clinical expertise
  •     Compassionate care with full support

Clinical expertise

The formation of cataracts occurs over time. The clinical team at the West Boca Eye Center specializes in the treatment of cataracts. Acclaimed for his ability as a cataract surgeon, Brent Bellotte MD. provides the very latest treatments for cataracts, including cutting-edge options such as YAG laser capsulotomy.

Cataract surgery involves the removal of the damaged lens, replacing it with an intraocular lens. Previously, eye surgeons were limited as to their choice of lenses. Today, experts such as Brent Bellotte MD. have a variety at their disposal, giving the ability to craft a bespoke solution based on the unique characteristics of your condition. 

The latest lenses include:

      TECNIS Symfony

      Symfony Toric


      AcrySof Restor IOL

Compassionate care with full support 

Cataract surgery might be common, but for those undergoing the procedure, it’s far from routine. Entrusting your precious vision to Brent Bellotte MD. and his expert team is to put yourself in the hands of someone who treats all his patients with the quality of care he’d wish for his own family.

From the very first eye examination, through treatment options, cataract surgery, and post-treatment, you’re guaranteed to be fully informed, treated with dignity, and feel safe in the knowledge that you’re being cared for by true experts. 

Brent Bellotte MD. The people’s eye surgeon

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An exemplary career 

From the beginning of his medical career, Brent Bellotte MD. has been recognized for the skilled professional he is. Throughout his extensive training, he was consistently the recipient of prestigious awards, and more recently was chosen as the Castle Connolly American Top Doctor 2015-2019. 

Other notable achievements include serving as a founding father for the Eye Physicians of Florida Ophthalmology Mega group, as well as being an active member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract Refractive Surgeons, the Palm Beach Ophthalmology Society, and the Florida Society of Ophthalmology. 

Online reviews

Always unfiltered, the reviews of cataract surgery at the West Boca Eye Center speak for themselves.

Patient Review: “I’ve been a patient of Brent Bellotte MD for several years, last Wednesday I had cataract surgery for both my eyes. Although I was nervous Brent Bellotte MD gave me his usual assurance and excellent care. I am fortunate to have two 20/20 eyes now, according to my post-operation test today. All the staff at West Boca Eye Center are very good and do their work with great professionalism, kindness, and care. I strongly recommend Brent Bellotte MD for any eye-related issues you may have!” 

Begin your journey to the best cataract surgery in South Florida 

Anyone considering cataract surgery in South Florida can benefit from the leading services on offer at the West Boca Eye Center. Your vision is priceless and deserves to be treated as such—the very basis on which Brent Bellotte MD. and his team live by. 

Take the vital first step to the very best cataract surgery options in South Florida, and visit www.westbocaeyecenter.com today.