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About Our Practice

Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Brent Bellotte, MD would like to thank you for your interest in his practice, West Boca Eye Center, and hope to give you a very personal experience that is unparalleled in care, comfort, congeniality, and compassion. Please allow us to share what we think it takes to build a successful practice and make you, as our patient, delighted with your care.

Simply put, we aim to treat our patients as we would want our own family members treated. This means that we strive to make sure our patients are comfortable, well-informed, and treated with the utmost care and concern.

Ethics and Compassion

Our doctor is fortunate to have been trained by some of the most ethical and compassionate of mentors. Through their example, we have enriched our practice not only with great skill, but more importantly with these same vital qualities of ethics and compassion.

Your Safety Comes First

This means that together we will weigh the pros and cons of each medical, laser, and surgical procedure, choosing the treatment that is safest and least invasive for you first.


We believe in explaining your eye condition to you in the simplest and most practical of terms, for we feel that an informed patient is a more relaxed and happy one. We love to see the expression of clarity in our patient’s eyes as they begin to understand their diagnosis and assist in the decision-making process.

Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Because our doctor’s training is recent, we have cutting-edge knowledge of the latest trends and theories for medical, laser, and surgical procedures. We also work with state-of-the-art equipment and the most modern computer technology with which to serve you best.


We understand that sometimes all of us need medical care as quickly and as conveniently as possible. That’s why we are happy to see our patients at times that suit them best, like after work or on the weekends. We take pride in going the extra mile for our patients.

With all these qualities combined, our hope is to give you a very personal experience that you’ll long cherish.