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Billy Carson

Billy Carson

Doc, I just wanted you to know that I had my one week checkup after surgery. You did a great job. My vision is 20/20 in my left eye now. I only wish you will do my right eye when its time. May God bless you and your family and I pray your practice grows steadily. I believe you are one of the best eye surgeons in the country. Your Patient and Friend, — Billy Carson

Nicholas Goresh

I was only counting thumbs before my cataract surgery and now I’m 20/20! From my initial appointment to my post—op appointments the service by West Boca Eye has been excellent. They respond well to questions and follow up quickly with answers. Will recommend to anyone of any age! — Nicholas Goresh

The Spengler Family

The Spengler Family

I wanted to thank you for your sincere concern for our family during our summer eye crisis. It is not often to meet doctors like you who are so dedicated to their patients. You were truly there for us in a time of need. Thank you for your patience and kindness. Again, thank you for all you did for our family. The Spengler Family, — Cassidy, Chloe, Chase, Kristen & Andrew

Bette Antosik

Bette Antosik

I can see so much better and would recommend Dr. Bellotte to anyone. They are clearly the best. I didn’t even realize I had the surgery, it was so fast and painless. It was an absolute delight to have these doctors take care of me. — Bette Antosik

Harold Fogel

Harold Fogel

I am so pleased and very happy. You are very professional and a credit to the medical community. — Harold Fogel

Colton Shoonover

Colton Schoonover

Shanna Schoonover

I remember that first night in the hospital when we brought Colton in. The doctors had the kindest caring eyes and I knew that Colton would be alright. You will always have a special place in my heart. I will forever be greatful for the love that you have not only showed Colton but also me. I feel that you have been a friend to us and will always be a part of our lives. — Shanna Schoonover, mother of Colton Schoonover

Ethel Cohen

Ethel Cohen

Having found West Boca Eye Center was the best thing that happened to me. I had cataract surgery on both eyes 3 weeks apart and it was painless and perfect. I now see 20/20 where as before my sight was unbelievably bad. Dr. Bellotte is the best and he shows a lot of concern for his patients. Thanks for the wonderful care! — Ethel Cohen

Nick Musso

I was probably within a day or so of permanent vision problems, but thanks to West Boca Eye, I still have my vision. They saw me immediately and diagnosed the problem. She is the best and most caring doctor I have seen in a long time. — Nick Musso

Maria Pereira

Maria Pereira

For my whole life I’ve been seeing with one eye. I encountered many doctors to help me out, but there was no hope until I stepped into this office and met Dr. Bellotte. Ever since I had my cataract surgery with Dr. Bellotte it has been a miracle, and my eye sight has been clearer than ever! I am so thankful God answered my prayers and gave me hope because now I can see. Thanks to God, Dr. Bellotte and staff. — Maria Pereira


Dear West Boca Eye, I came to your office last Thursday to have a form filled out for renewal of my driver’s license. You had a room full of patients yet you took the time out to fill out the form. I was so grateful! Not only are you a competent physician, I find you to be a caring and relating individual. From the moment I met you I knew you were special. Your pleasant personality and soothing influence upon your patients helps ease one’s fear. You have opened a new world for me. I see everything in a new light. I no longer need glasses to read, to drive and appreciate the world around me. A million thanks could not be enough, stay well and keep up the good work. There are many still waiting to take advantage of your experience. With deep admiration, —Irene



“My highest recommendation for Dr. Bellotte” —Norman

George D.

This was my first visit to this office and it was arranged hurriedly for me by the receptionist. I am a long-term glaucoma patient at Bascom Palmer and have the highest respect for them but I must say that I was very impressed by the courtesy and professionalism of the different people in this office that attended to me. I felt as if I had been a longterm patient there. I was also quite impressed by the technology to which I was exposed. I plan to use their office with more frequency in the future. — George D.

Bruce M.

“Everybody was friendly/professional from beginning to end.” —Bruce M.

Anubha J.

“Staff know what they are doing, polite, beautiful office, Dr. definitely knows what he’s doing, very intelligent, personable, friendly. It doesn’t get better than this.” — Anubha J.

Susan D.

“Everyone was very friendly and professional The wait before I was called was minimal All in all a very pleasant first time experience.” —Susan D.

Linda M.

“I was extremely happy about my experience in the office! The level of professionalism and efficiency was unbelievable!! I can’t say enough about how happy I am to find these wonderful caring people to care for my vision needs!!!” —Linda M.

Alex K.

“We were very impressed with the diagnostic tests and the professionalism of the doctor and staff. Found Dr. Bellotte very personable and informative.” —Alex K.

Mowery T.

“Above visit went well. Dr is always pleasant & brilliant as well. Visits are always enjoyable.” —Mowery T.

Vickie G.

“The staff are friendly and knowledgeable to my specific problems. The office is very comfortable and relaxing.” —Vickie G.

Susan C.

“Dr Brent Bellott is a highly competent opthomologist.” — Susan C.

Christine L.

“I want from now on be your patient for my checkups . You have a very nice and comfortable office and great staff.” —Christine L.

Arlene R.

“I am pleased with the eye center. The doctor is caring and I would recommend this office without a doubt.” —Arlene R.

Claire L.

“Great professional staff.. Efficient and caring!” —Claire L.